Will I Get Into College?

According to a recent MSN Money article, more and more colleges are turning away students due to college budget cuts. It seems as if you need more than a great GPA to get into college nowadays, leaving students and parents seriously questioning college admission standards. Getting accepted into college has become increasingly difficult over the […]

Top Ten Myths About Online College Degrees Part 2

Online degrees are expensive. The opposite argument to online degrees being from low-budget organizations is that they come from these prestigious colleges and are entirely too expensive. This is the same thing a student must face when determining their financial assets they have available for a campus degree. Going to college is never cheap, but […]

Top Ten Myths About Online College Degrees Part 1

There are several myths about online education and college degrees. Let’s shed some light on these misconceptions: Taking an online degree program is much easier than getting a degree at a college campus. The difficulty of a degree program is dependent on the school, not on the method in which it is acquired. Accredited universities […]

Protect yourself from Online Degree Scams

There are more and more people who are enrolling for online courses, eager to improve their skills and gain the credentials to jumpstart their career. While most online schools are very credible and practice excellent teaching methods, unfortunately, there are also a couple of scam artists who are trying to take advantage of others. They […]

How to get your Business Degree through Distance Learning

Distance Learning The world of business is quite competitive. It’s hard to get ahead and stay ahead. Climbing up the corporate ladder requires skill, experience, and credentials. And one way of doing that is if you earn a business degree. But that’s a catch 22. It’s difficult to quit your job, lose your network and […]