A Good Visual Layout

You want your layout looking nice do you have any winners or orphans so windows and orphans are things like a paragraph starts at the bottom of the page and that’s just one single line or the other way around you have a long paragraph and there’s just whatever two words on the next page […]

Talking About Your Essay

Basic thesis formula you can follow this pattern for basically for all thesis that you write for for any kind of opinion essay okay now Rosa was apologizing for for asking too many questions no need for that but I think I’m talking too much I want you guys to do a little bit of […]

Will I Get Into College?

According to a recent MSN Money article, more and more colleges are turning away students due to college budget cuts. It seems as if you need more than a great GPA to get into college nowadays, leaving students and parents seriously questioning college admission standards. Getting accepted into college has become increasingly difficult over the […]

Top Ten Myths About Online College Degrees Part 2

Online degrees are expensive. The opposite argument to online degrees being from low-budget organizations is that they come from these prestigious colleges and are entirely too expensive. This is the same thing a student must face when determining their financial assets they have available for a campus degree. Going to college is never cheap, but […]

Top Ten Myths About Online College Degrees Part 1

There are several myths about online education and college degrees. Let’s shed some light on these misconceptions: Taking an online degree program is much easier than getting a degree at a college campus. The difficulty of a degree program is dependent on the school, not on the method in which it is acquired. Accredited universities […]